zondag 1 april 2012

Taalprof concedes

As of today, the popular Dutch grammar blog Taalprof will cease to publish in the Dutch language. Instead, posts will be written in English, as will be the reactions on comments, which, incidentally, will be accepted in any world language (including Frisian).

The reason for this unexpected move is twofold. First, the taalprof expects to reach more people interested in grammatical matters. Since grammatical analysis is roughly the same problem in any language, the fact that the majority of the posts are about the Dutch language is immaterial. Second, the taalprof has noticed that Dutch readers are becoming more and more annoyed by the absence of English terminology in grammatical discussions on the blog. With almost no English words, the blog's language differs too much from modern colloquial Dutch, as a result of which it is beginning to smell like moth balls and old lace.

The taalprof is not afraid that his decision will alienate him from his current readers: "I think my blog attracts smart people with a keen eye for international language. They will be able to see the true meaning through any wording in any language. And what is more: most readers will see the humor in this: the only people who will turn their back to the blog are the sourpusses."

10 opmerkingen:

  1. @Andre: as the king said to the duke

  2. @J: I think you know the answer to this one yourself

  3. @Bert: You know, grammar is not meant for distinguishing fools from non-fools. The only thing grammar tells you is that this is a compound with 'fool' as the head of the noun.

  4. A very warm welcome to tomorrowland! (Moet dit land nu mét of zonder?!)

    GRTZ from The Sausage Machine (Flanders)